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I wish Power BI had/could... Ideas from a daily PBI user.

Updated: Nov 11

As a daily PBI user, I've constantly wished for additional features to simplify and streamline my work process. Despite the platform's impressive capabilities, I often think, "I wish Power BI had/could." This has led me to start this blog post, where I plan to document all my thoughts and ideas as they happen. Most of the issues I'll discuss are design, UI and UX related, as these are key areas where Power BI could significantly improve. Whether you're a fellow PBI professional developer or casual user, I hope my insights will prove informative and thought-provoking; welcome to this post: "I wish Power BI had/could... Ideas from a daily PBI user."

"I will include a link of the idea (existing or new) on the Fabric community, so you can vote and show your support for these features. Together, we can make Power BI an even better tool for everyone. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more ideas from a daily PBI user!"

I wish I could apply filters to groups.

I am not a fan of creating combined visuals, but sometimes, there is the need to do so.

In this case, I had 16 groups, each made of three visuals plus a background shape; all visuals within the group shared the same visual filter.

Power BI report with visuals and a group
It can be very time consuming applying filters to several visuals from groups.

I would love the ability to apply a filter to a group instead of applying a filter to each element. In this case, I had to apply 48 visual filters instead of 16; this is exponential if you count the number of clicks needed to select between visuals.

I wish there were mobile-only elements.

While working on Power BI Mobile views, mobiles-only elements are not possible. What do I mean by mobile only? Currently, if we want to use an element in the Mobile view, it has to be visible in the Desktop view; the workaround is to position it behind a visible one on the desktop view.

For example, I want to use an image that will help as a navigation bar for mobile only. The logic says this image must be hidden in the desktop view and visible on the mobile; currently, there is no way to unhide it on the mobile view.

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