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Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator by BIBB

Updated: Feb 4

Merging Simplicity with Functionality

BIBB's Power BI Theme Generator web app sets new standards for creating themes with an unparallel user experience. Let's delve deep into why this "Power BI JSON Theme Generator" stands out and how it's revolutionising the creation of Power BI report themes.

Themes created with Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator by BIBB
Themes created with Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator by BIBB

Why Power BI Report Themes in JSON Are Crucial for Reporting

Power BI themes determine the appearance of your entire report by setting the colour schemes, font styles, and other visual elements. While Power BI provides default themes, professionals often require more tailored and brand-specific visuals.

With Power BI themes in JSON, users can specify property values, like colours and fonts, to create customised visual pieces for their reports. This flexibility is imperative to ensure the dashboards align with organisational branding or specific visual guidelines.

Understanding Power BI Themes in JSON

Before understanding what BIBB has brought, we must grasp the essence of Power BI themes and their JSON format. Power BI themes in JSON format offer a structured way to customise the look and feel of Power BI reports. They dictate every aesthetic element of a report, from font styles and colours to visual element formatting. A well-crafted theme ensures consistency in report designs and enables efficient branding across multiple reports.

The Old vs. The New: Where Other Generators Failed

Historically, creating "Power BI report themes" boiled down to two options:

1. Manual theme crafting using JSON in editors like VS Code. While powerful, this method often appeared daunting for beginners due to its intricate nature. Below is a simple report theme JSON file that only sets the data colours.

    "name": "Your Custom Theme",
    "$schema": "",
      "dataColors": [

2. Traditional web applications to provide choice bombarded users with hundreds of properties to select from, leading to decision fatigue and elongated theme creation times.

Both methods, though functional, needed more simplicity and user-friendliness. This is precisely where other generators stumbled - they are overwhelmingly complex.

Introducing BIBB's Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator: Simplicity Meets Power

Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator by BIBB
Power BI JSON Report Theme Generator by BIBB

BIBB saw the gap and introduced a third, refreshing method. BIBB's generator encapsulates the company's core belief in focusing on the user experience and ease of use. Let's highlight its distinctive features:

No Heavy Lifting Required: BIBB eliminates the need to choose from hundreds of different properties. They've streamlined the process, ensuring that you focus on what's essential - the visualisation.

Three-Step Magic: The Power BI theme creation with BIBB's tool is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select colours.

  2. Create a JSON Theme.

  3. Apply it to Power BI.

Flexibility: The colour selection method in this generator is diverse. Whether you're a fan of manual colour selection, want to go with trending combinations, have a favourite palette URL from Coolors, or have an image you'd like to use - BIBB's got you covered.

Bonus: BIBB isn't just stopping at the theme generator. They're also offering a free template that synchronises seamlessly with their generator, adding even more value to the user experience.

Free: Nothing beats accessing a powerful tool without the cost barrier. BIBB understands this sentiment and offers their Power BI Theme Generator for free.


In a world where data visualisation is king, tools that enable effortless customisation are priceless. BIBB's Power BI Theme Generator is a testament to how understanding users' needs and focusing on simplicity can transform a task that once seemed arduous into a straightforward, enjoyable process. If you want to create compelling, consistent, and personalised "Power BI report themes", it's time to give BIBB's tool a whirl!



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