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Transforming ServiceNow Power BI UX with “The Vault”: A Success Story of acSoft Inc

Transforming data visualization development
Transforming data visualization development


We have watched how our ultimate Power BI UX solution - "The Vault" - has transformed Power BI report development for countless developers and freelancers worldwide. Among The Vault's users is acSoft Inc., a ServiceNow Build Partner, who utilised The Vault to redefine their ServiceNow ITIL report templates with the Power BI Connector for ServiceNow.

With "The Vault" at their disposal, acSoft Inc., a certified ServiceNow Build Partner, has embarked on a journey to enhance its report creation process. Their goal was clear: to create stunning, visually appealing ITIL report templates for their Power BI Connector for ServiceNow that were not just functional but also captured the attention of their users.


"The Vault" Advantage

The Vault advantages
The Vault advantages

Developed by BIBB, "The Vault" is a comprehensive toolkit that guides users through every stage of the Power BI report development process.


  • creating personas

  • to finalising prototypes

  • and documenting the solution

"The Vault" offers a robust system to ensure smooth, efficient, and creative development. It empowers users to create visually appealing and highly intuitive reports in Power BI quickly.

"The Vault" guides users through five primary stages:

  1. Personas Creation

  2. Inspiration Gathering

  3. Wireframing

  4. Prototyping

  5. Documenting

Users may quickly produce functionally powerful, highly intuitive reports because of each stage's rigorous design, which guarantees an easily navigated, productive, and creative production process.


The acSoft Inc. Journey with "The Vault"

A red cube with number 1

1. Personas Creation

Understanding their audience was a critical first step for acSoft Inc. "The Vault" helped them develop detailed personas, vividly depicting their end users. By understanding their target audience's needs, motivations, and behaviours, they could design reports tailored to their target audience.

A red cube with number 2

2. Inspiration Gathering

Next came the process of gathering inspiration. "The Vault", equipped with many templates and resources, provided a springboard for creative ideas. acSoft Inc. could explore different design elements and layouts, helping them formulate a vision for their templates.

A red cube with number 3

3. Wireframing

Once acSoft Inc. had a clear understanding of their user personas and a pool of inspiration to draw from, they moved on to the wireframing stage. The robust tool "The Vault" was instrumental in this process, enabling them to design an initial structure for their ServiceNow reports and visualise the user interaction.

A red cube with number 4

4. Prototyping

Finally, with a transparent wireframe, acSoft Inc. moved to prototype their reporting. "The Vault"'s tool set made this phase a breeze, enabling them to quickly and efficiently create prototypes, test functionality, and fine-tune their design based on user feedback.

A red cube with number 5

5. Documenting

All good projects end with good documentation. acSoft Inc. used the project documentation template in The Vault to document their development.


"The Vault" Effect: A Paradigm Shift

"The Vault" had a transformative impact on acSoft Inc.'s report creation process. The efficiency of their ServiceNow report template development improved significantly, resulting in a dramatic rise in the quality of visual data representation. The process became streamlined, allowing them to deliver highly personalised, captivating reports that met and exceeded client expectations.

But don't just take our word for it. Anna Odrynska, the Chief Strategy Officer at acSoft Inc., had this to say about "The Vault":

"The Vault has been an absolute game-changer for our team. Its vast array of tools, templates, and resources significantly streamlined our development process and enabled us to deliver high-quality reports. The level of detail and sophistication that The Vault adds to our analytics has dramatically impacted our client engagement and satisfaction rates. We will undoubtedly continue to use The Vault in our future projects."

In Conclusion: A Success Story of

User-Centric Innovation In Power BI UX

In conclusion, acSoft Inc.'s success story exemplifies the revolutionary potential of "The Vault" as a user-centric UI/UX toolkit. It is designed to streamline development, enhance creativity, and produce visually stunning Power BI reports that captivate end users. By embracing "The Vault", Power BI developers and freelancers can unlock the true potential of their work, elevating their reporting process to unprecedented success. The success of acSoft Inc. is just one example of how "The Vault" can revolutionise Power BI report development.

The sky's the limit – your success story could be the next one we share!


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