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Enhancing BI with AI-Driven Data Analysis and ChatGPT Power Query Integration

Updated: Mar 30

Navigating the Next Wave: How AI-Driven Data Analysis and ChatGPT Power Query Integration are Setting New Standards in Business Intelligence and Data Strategy

In today's data-driven environment, integrating AI-driven data analysis, mainly through ChatGPT and Power Query integration, can significantly enhance our ability to analyse and interpret complex datasets.

One such innovative approach involves combining the capabilities of Power Query, a data connection technology, with OpenAI's powerful AI models. This blog post will explore a practical example of enhancing BI through AI-driven data analysis, highlighting how ChatGPT and Power Query integration are crucial in preprocessing and analysing data.

The Approach: A Step-by-Step Guide

Our method involves several steps, starting with loading data into Power Query, preprocessing it, and finally, analysing it with an AI model to infer gender based on names. Below you will find the full code.

Analyze data with Chat GPT full code.

Here's a detailed walkthrough of the section:

Loading and Preparing Data

The process begins with loading data into Power Query. For this example, we use a simple dataset of names and ages. This dataset could easily represent a subset of a more extensive database in a real-world scenario.

Power query code showing the load of a table from records
Code that loads a table.

Indexing and Grouping

Converting to JSON

Analysing Data with OpenAI

Post-analysis Processing

Real-world Implications and Use Cases

The future of data processing is here, as AI-driven data analysis ChatGPT Power Query integration unlocks unprecedented possibilities for data analysis and enrichment in the BI landscape. By automating the inference of information that would otherwise require manual research or assumptions (e.g., gender based on names), analysts can save time and increase the accuracy of their datasets. This method can be beneficial when demographic information is incomplete or needs to be inferred for marketing, research, or reporting purposes.

Challenges and Considerations

While this approach offers significant advantages, challenges include handling API rate limits, managing data privacy when sending information to external services, and ensuring the accuracy of the AI's predictions. As with any AI application, it's essential to validate and review the AI-generated predictions to ensure they meet the required standards of accuracy and ethical considerations.


The synergy between Power Query and OpenAI demonstrates the powerful potential of combining traditional data processing tools with cutting-edge AI technologies. By leveraging this approach, data analysts and scientists can enhance their workflows, achieve more accurate insights, and unlock new possibilities in data analysis. As AI technologies evolve, their integration into data processing and analysis workflows will undoubtedly become more prevalent, opening new horizons for data-driven decision-making.


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